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Don’t be afraid…

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Sometimes  we are too afraid of doing or saying something because we are afraid of pleople’s judgement. How many times has it happened to you that you were scared of saying what you thought because you were afraid that you might be fooled and criticised ? How many times has it happened that you didn’t answer a question during your English class because you were afraid of making mistakes in speaking? How many times has it ever happened to you that you didn’t speak to the guy you liked because you thought you were not enough for him? Well dear readers I will tell you what fear of speaking,doing and acting is,but above all I will tell you what FEAR is . Fear is an abstract feeling  you create inside your mind before you can actually do something. It doesn’t really exist because  YOU ARE THE CREATOR OF YOUR OWN FEARS . Therefore, it is just part of our imagination because it all happens inside of our mind. So why can’t we transform fear in love and bravery? If you are the creator ,you have the power of trasforming and changing things . We just have to change our thoughts in order to live happily. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because you can always learn from them and even the most successful men, like Martin Luter King ( he became president! ), have fallen, because it’s during our mistakes that we grow up. ” Success is 99% failure ” . You will have to fall and make mistakes a lot before being successful,otherwise it wouldn’t be real. So tell everyone your opinion,say hello to your crush and make mistakes! Only in this way you will be powerful and always ready to go on. So try , make mistakes, fall and start all over again till you succed because believe me, YOU WILL!!!

Γεννημένη μία ζεστή μέρα τον Ιούνιο του 1996 στην Αθήνα, καρκινάκι στο ζώδιο και πάνω μου θα βρεις όλα τα χαρακτηριστικά του. Ευαίσθητη, συναισθηματική, αποφασιστική, εργασιομανής και control freak. Το dietchen (ντίτχεν) για μένα αποτελεί τη γέφυρα ανάμεσα σε Ελλάδα και Αγγλία, αφού πλέον ζω και σπουδάζω στο Μάντσεστερ, International Business & Marketing. Αγαπώ τη μουσική, τη μόδα, τα βιβλία, τα ταξίδια εντός και εκτός Ελλάδας. Αγαπημένος προορισμός τα τελευταία 16 χρόνια είναι η Μύκονος και δε νομίζω να υπάρξει άλλος, όπου κι αν ταξιδέψω, ό,τι κι αν εξερευνήσω...


    I couldn΄t agree more with you. Fear often keeps us back from doing new and different things (than we are used to), meet new people, explore the world. You can΄t open your horizons with fear of doing something wrong. So go for it and learn from your mistakes.