My name is Afroditi Kravari and I was born in Athens in June 1996. My mother was born and raised in Germany and my father in Belgium. Since I was a baby my family used to call me Dietchen, which is a nickname for Afroditi in German. This became my source of inspiration for the label on my designs.

My relationship with drawing goes a long way back. Since I can remember myself, even before I could speak, I would draw. My everyday life was full of colors and pictures. Inspired by hearings, pictures and emotions, I expressed the world around me on a piece of paper.

That gradually turned into a passion for creation and mostly for clothes designing.

Fashion lies in my DNA, as my grandmother had owned a studio – atelier for decades in Germany and my father is a representative for significant companies, trading high street fashion clothes. Therefore, I could get in touch with new trends and designing clothes since the age of two.

Having such germs and influence from my close environment, I could only take advantage of my talent in drawing, so as to get into the world of fashion.   When I enter a clothes shop, I have already pictured in my mind exactly what I want to get. Most of the times, I can’t find anything similar to that, so, what I’ve been doing is to draw the designs I like myself and have my granny tailoring them for me. That’s how I’ve reached the point of thinking to turn my hobby into a possible future occupation.

Some of my best drawings have been created in my favorite island of Mykonos, where I have been spending my holidays for the last 14 years and it can still capture me with its colors, its waters and its breeze.

Another love of mine is music, which allows me to travel through the paths of creativity. In this way, anything I’m attracted to – like a beautiful landscape or a place or a merry company – can transform into clothes or shoes or accessories.

The idea for making Dietchen blog, came to me as a result of my relatives’ and friends’ encouragement to publish and share my designs with a wider “audience”. I hope you will like them and thus, they might become a creative source of inspiration to other children and – why not – adults, alike!