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Can guys & girls really just be friends?

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Every girl dreams of having a guy best friend. Say what you want, it’s true.

Unfortunately, it is very likely that one of these two best friends will “cross the line.” What I mean is that someone either A) falls in love with the other person or B) falls in love with the “comfortableness.” In “When Harry Met Sally,” Harry even tells Sally that men and women can’t be friends because sex always gets in the way.

Every day we associate with the opposite sex and we dance around the idea of being romantically involved with them. People will argue with these statements, I’m sure, but arguing does not excuse the truth. Here are 7 key reasons why having a guy as your best friend is not impossible, but difficult: 


1. One of you gets jealous of someone being with the other.

They tell you about some girl they met, made out with, whatever…and you get the knot in your stomach. If you open your mouth, things will either get weird or you’ll start a fight.

2. You start to tell them about your period or he tells you about his man problems…

This should never happen. Periods, farting, gross talk, etc. should not be talked about with the opposite sex, no matter how close you are. That crosses another type of line–general grossness.

3. While you’re asking which selfie to post, they’re falling in love with you.

A study done at Harvard University surveyed 88 pairs of undergrad, opposite-sex best friends. It showed that the males were more attracted to the females rather than vice-versa. According to the study, the attraction is almost always a one-way street.

4. You versus your biology

I have heard that when you make a friend, regardless of their gender, you’re almost almost “attracted” in some way to the person. If you have a guy best friend, you are 9 times out of 10 attracted to them in some way, whether you think it or not. Biology always wins, and before you know it you find yourself with romantic ties. Being intertwined in some way with your best friend will always be an idea, or potentially be one.

5. As girls, we want attention. All. The. Time.

This holds true even if you do not express it. The second your guy best friend stops answering your texts or  you don’t talk for a week, you will get mad. You can’t, though, because you’re just friends…right?

6. The guy is in a relationship.

If you have never been the girlfriend of a guy with a female best friend, consider yourself lucky. It is stressful and beyond annoying unless you are also close with the girl. If your guy best friend has a girlfriend, do her a favor and back off a bit.

7. Sometimes, we as girls have high expectations.

We expect that our guy friend will always be there when we need them to lean on or to make us happy. Remember, they are guys. They don’t feel the things we do, nor do they think some things are as important.

If you experience any of these seven things, it might be time to reevaluate your situation. Nobody is saying you have to stop being friends, but where would this closeness lead to after a few more months of being friends? Maybe even a few weeks? Be honest with yourself and what you what out of the friendship before someone gets hurt.

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