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How To Be a Better Shopper – Six Useful Tips!

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Six useful tips.


Ah, shopping! We love it and hate it! Sometimes it can be hard and complicated…trust me! But not if you follow these steps.

1. Don’t wait to go for shopping until you have to.

2. Buy what you love, not what you think you need.

3. Picture it on your self wearing it and think of what matches with it from the clothes you have, or from the clothes that you will buy.

4. Dress for (shopping) success. 

(For example if you’re trying a pretty date-worthy dress, with a sports bra and a nest of unwashed hair, you are sort of setting your self up for failure. Thats when you get your self into the “nothing looks good on me” territory. 

5. Try. It . On. (Always)

6. Know when to buy and when to skimp. 

(Have a mix of high and low brands wardrobe)


Follow these six steps and you will see how you improve as a shopper!

Fotini K. 

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