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Out and About in Manchester!

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   Manchester is a city full of students, thus parties and having fun are a must at the weekend. There are numerous clubs where you can go according to your taste and..Budget! 
   The first thing to know is that there are flat parties at the students halls and these are the best options for those who do not want to spend money on taxies ( if you live nearby) and get drunk easily. The most famous flat parties are in Cambridge halls as they are the most crowded but Facebook pages always inform students about the best flat parties so that you will not miss any. The most popular night places in Manchester are located in Oxford road or close to the city centre. Usually students prefer to go to the Deansgate, which has several clubs with exotic names such as “Lola” or “Revolution” or even the “Ritz of Manchester”, a place which is slightly less expensive but always lively and buzzy.  Therefore, a common place is ‘’the Fount’’, where you can have delicious cocktails at a very reasonable price. One of the surprising things about the Mancunians’ nights out concern the number of events held during the rest of the week as well. For instance, Hotmess offers nights out and parties even on Wednesdays, as well as Bassface. Instead, Chitchat Lola offers entertainment even on Mondays.
   As you can read, Manchester is a city with a million of opportunities, you just need to pick the right club for you and have fun. Remember that this is a good occasion to have fun with your friends, forget about the stress and meet new people!