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Who’s controlling the world?

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In today’s world everything seems to be out of our control. The reason why this is happening could be related to the media influence and how they impose ideal forms of figures such as models and celebrities who represent the idea of perfection and beauty. But have you ever thought about who decided that? How is it possible that nowadays the idea of beauty means being skinny while years and years ago it meant to be chubby?

Let’s think about Marilyn Monroe or other stars that were not of size 6, but were considered beautiful! So who’s deciding what’s best for us? Let’s rise another important point; how is it possible that nowadays the kind of music and films we watch and listen are always related to sex and image? A possible explanation could be given in thinking about a force beyond our control who’s taking global decisions for everyone, trying to make people less human and more robotic by introducing that kind of music that doesn’t have a rhythm but just a continuous and annoying beat which seems to brainwash and make people more robotic. Another important point is why are drugs so popular today? Maybe someone is trying to arrest the brain of young people in order to make them easy to control? Have you ever thought about the launch of drugs and alcohol as fashion amongst young people? Who decided that it is a ‘cool’ thing to try?

The point beyond all these questions is: Who’s making decisions and who imposes what it’s right or wrong in our society?